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 The Maldives' unique geography, with over half its population spread across 200 isolated islands over 750 km, poses distinct challenges for distribution networks. Our strategically placed location near the harbour front, has benefited from a strong work ethic and a commitment to building customer relationships over the years. This approach has enabled us to develop an extensive network of customers from across the country.

Our distribution network boasts over 3,400 wholesalers and retailers. Our partners range from large supermarket chains to family-owned grocery stores nationwide outlines our commitment to serving diverse market needs with efficiency and reliability. BHM Traders has become one of the country's most recognized wholesalers in these sectors, and we take pride in the ubiquity of our product range across the Maldives.

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We take great pride in our ability to develop effective and close relationships with our suppliers. Rooted in trust, our commitment is towards building lasting relationships and fostering mutually beneficial initiatives. Expanding on this foundation, our e-commerce platforms enable seamless tracking and monitoring from quotation to sales, through to delivery.

We newest initiative, focuses on enhancing our logistical capabilities with a centralized warehousing system and by opening two new outlets in the greater Malé area. These initiatives are designed to streamline our operations, improve service delivery, and maintain the excellence of our services.

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