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Nestled in the bustling heart of Male's commercial hub, BHM Traders proudly operates from two strategically positioned locations. Our flagship headquarters, the iconic 10-storey BHM Building, serves as the nerve center of our operations.

Here, the ground floor buzzes with wholesale activity, while dedicated office floors house our dynamic management team. With seven floors dedicated to warehousing, including a specialized refrigerated section for perishable goods, we ensure efficiency and excellence in our storage practices. Adjacent to our main hub lies the Trading Point, our innovative experience center, promising a new dimension to the BHM journey.

Dominance in Greater Male’

Male, the administrative and commercial heart of the nation, pulsates with economic vitality, accommodating over a third of the country's population within its compact 5.8 square kilometers. Its bustling streets are adorned with a plethora of corner shops, embodying its status as the most densely populated island in the archipelago. 

Hulhumale, connected by bridges and poised for further expansion with upcoming projects linking to Gulhifalhu and Thulhifalhu Giravaaru, stands as a beacon of growth in the region. Just minutes away from Male, this reclaimed island is witnessing a surge in both population and business, destined to evolve into a metropolitan hub. Recognizing this potential, our team is actively pursuing opportunities to extend our services to the burgeoning community and enterprises of Hulhumale.


Warehousing and Storage capacity

Presently, BHM Traders boasts a network of 15 distinct warehouses, complementing the storage facilities within the BHM Building and totaling an impressive 60,000 square feet of storage capacity. Each warehouse is meticulously organized and systematically managed, leveraging cutting-edge technological advancements to uphold stringent standards of food quality and safety. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere storage; it's a testament to our dedication to ensuring that our products maintain their freshness and integrity until they reach our valued customers' hands.

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In our robust transportation and logistics division, BHM Traders oversees a fleet of modern vehicles, carefully selected to meet a diverse range of needs. From sturdy lorries boasting varying tonnages to agile delivery vans specifically tailored for urban routes, we ensure swift and efficient movement of goods throughout the bustling capital of Male’. Our comprehensive services extend beyond mere transportation, encompassing crucial tasks such as customs and port clearance, large order deliveries, and seamless internal warehouse transfers. Spearheading these operations are our dedicated logistics professionals, equipped with the latest technology and expertise to guarantee prompt and reliable service at every turn.